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Bearcats Submit to Rebels

In the championship game of the Emerald Coast Classic, the Bearcats fell to the Rebels of Ole Miss.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I'm going to be honest - This was bad. Real bad. Cincinnati had been on a positive trajectory from game-to-game until this point.

On the eve of arguably the Bearcats best outing of the season, Cincinnati laid an egg against Ole Miss, loosing 54-66. The Cats out rebounded Ole Miss by 12 and Gary Clark posted a double-double (12 and 12), but after that it was pretty much all Ole Miss.

  • CINCINNATI shot 30.4% from the field. Outside of Clark and Ellis, shooting was terrible. Cobb was 1-9, Morman was 1-7, KJ was 1-6, Caupain was 1-6, Sanders was 0-3, Shaq was 2-7, and Moore was 2-6. Awful, just awful.
  • CINCINNATI shot 10.5% from three.
  • CINCINNATI had 5 assists and 10 turnovers (1:2 ratio).
  • CINCINNATI gave up 49% FG shooting and 50% 3-point shooting.
  • CINCINNATI allowed a guy to score 26 points (Stefan Moody).
We play Stony Brook on Tuesday. Let's hope for a turnaround.

- Daniele "Da" Bologna