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Bearcats Try To Get Back On The Right Track Against Stony Brook

Just what the Bearcats need, a chance to get their confidence up.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bearcats trip to Niceville, Florida saw them take one step forward, and then two gigantic steps backwards against the Ole Miss Rebels in the finals of the nascent event. What the Bearcats really need now is a chance to regroup and create some positive momentum before they travel to Lincoln to enjoy some Nebrasketball.

The need for the Bearcats tonight is the same need that it will be everynight for the rest of this season, and possibly next season. The requirement for some level of consistency across the position groups. For the most part the Forwards have been good. Octavius Ellis and Gary Clark are already working together like a well oiled machine. But the guard play has been the issue, on some nights they get production. Farad Cobb against Murray State, Troy Caupain against N.C. Central, Deshaun Morman against Ole Miss but it's always one guy, and only one guy. Tonight I would like to see two guards have good games at the same time. That's not asking too much is it?