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Bearcats and Rams Gamethread

Here we go

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bearcats already picked up a win that is going to be a boon to their resume come March when they beat San Diego State on Wednesday. Today is another opportunity to pad that resume against a VCU team that is a solid bet to be there in March.

Bearcat To Watch

Troy Caupain. For the Bearcats this game really plays into their hands. The teams that have had success this season against VCU have been teams that play like the Bearcats do, with a very deliberate pace and controlled offense. That is what the Bearcats do falling out of bed. But the key is going to be Troy Caupain and his ability to control the pace.

Ram To Watch

Treveon Graham. He is without question the Rams best and most versatile offensive player. He is a floor stretching small forward who is just as deadly behind the arc as he is attacking the rim. Generally the Rams offense goes as Graham does.

This game is a huge opportunity for the Bearcats to pick up another resume building win. But this will not be easy for the Bearcats, it won't be early for either team.