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Bearcats Jump Back Up In Polls

7th in AP matching the highest under Cronin; 9th in Coaches Poll

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in two weeks, UC is ranked #7 in the AP poll.  After a hard-fought 11 point win over Houston Saturday, the voters rewarded the Bearcats by jumping them back up three spots and again UC matches its highest ranking under Mick Cronin.

They were only 9th in the Coaches Poll...but what do coaches know anyway, right?

They have to get past UCF on Wednesday, then the rematch with Louisville takes place at Fifth Third Arena Saturday at high noon.  That game has been sold out for weeks and the atmosphere should be electric.

It is amazing to see the difference in Louisville's ranking.  They are 11th in AP and 5th in Coaches.  This late in the year those polls are pretty close to matching, but that seems very odd to me.  1-4 is exactly the same in each poll, but after that it gets jumbled up.  Oh well, no need to go on a poll attack, especially since these don't mean crap when it comes to seeding.

The AAC does not have five teams again in the polls after SMU inexplicably lost at Temple over the weekend.  Well, it's really not that hard to understand if you remember SMU lost at USF.  OK so UC almost lost at USF and Temple.  But they didn't so there!