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Selection Sunday Is Here

Well, we have made it. Selection Sunday is upon us, and for the third year there is no doubt about whether the Bearcats are in the field, the only question is about the seed.

Joe Murphy

There are hundreds of people out there who make it their business to know will be in the tournament. Indivigually they are fallible and immensley skilled guessers, but guessers none the less. So the Nate Silver principal is in effect, and aggregation has more meaning the closer you get to the date of reckonning.

Today being that date it is a great time to look at the bracket matrix. If you have never used the site before the premise is simple, aggregate the best projections from across the internet. All the major players are included like ESPN, Yahoo! and CBS, but there are also scores of brackets from sites I have never heard of. Combined they provide a rough estimate of how things sit currently.

The across all 84 brackets UC has an average seed of 4.42, good for 16th, right ahead of UCLA with an average seed of 4.85. Three projections had the Bearcats on the three line, one had the cats as a 7. The vast majority had the Bearcatst as a 4 or 5. In just about four hours we will find out who had it right.