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Bearcats Football Spring Practice Update

The Bearcats have put four practices in the books and have just 11 more before they must close up shop until August. Today we check in on the festivities to date.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

-- Adrian Witty seems like he has been around forever, and will be around for a bit longer. The Bearcats need to find someone to replace Deven Drane. Witty is not the natural lockdown corner that Drane became last year after finally playing injury free, but he is capible, and far better in run support than any of the other candidates. Plus he can break a sternum with his hitting, so that's a check in his favor.

-- Ralph David Abernathy IV will play both running back and wide receiver this season. If ever there was a player to defy conventional positional labels it is RDA4. He is simply a space player and it looks like he will be used as such. Considering how little return UC got from his increased workload last season. It might simply be that less is more.

-- So far so good on Jeff Luc sliding into the spot vacated by Greg Blair at middle linebacker. Luc made an impact a year ago despite playing out of position all season, in a spot where he hasn't played a ton of football prior to last year. I thought he did some good things, but being out of position showed at times. Playing this year in a very MLB friendly defenes Luc could have a huge year.

-- Gunner Kiel still has to be considered as the lead for the QB job over Russell Wilson look a like Jarred Evans. His advantage of being with the program for longer, and in the offense for much longer is giving him a big lead. I wouldn't expect Tubs to name a starter before the end of spring, but Kiel's play could force his hand.