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Bearcats Earn Emphatic Senior Night Win Over Memphis 97-84

The offense was lights out from the start, and it never really stopped being lights out for the rest of the night.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Where to start. Where to start.

How about this; Titus Rubles made multiple jump shots tonight. Its not just that he made them, its that he took them with confidence and they went in. Justin Jackson played 17 first half minute and generally dominated both ends of the action playing foul free basketball and looking like mid January JJ on the offensive end. The Bearcats turned the ball over just 3 times and put 97 on the board in a conference game against a team that has been in the polls all season long. Those are all great things about tonight, but this night was Sean Kilpatrick's, and he went out in grand style.

These Bearcats had one more chance to make their mark on the program and what a mark it will be. If tonight was an opening salvo for what this team plans to do in the AAC and NCAA tournaments that could mean a deep run for the Bearcats. Making that run would make this one of the most beloved teams in UC history.

There have been better teams in the history of this program, two won national titles, six went to the final four. The 1999 team was probably the best of them all before Kennyon Martin's injury cut their run short. But this team will be universally beloved by Bearcat Nation.

Because it was a group of which very little was expected. In the pre season the consus was that an NCAA tournament birth was the cieling. Now that we are in march its clear that the cieling is much, much higher than that. Replicating performances like tonights makes the sky the limit for this crew. Saturday is about the process of getting right for the tournaments, and claiming a share of the AAC crown.