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A Quick Look At The AAC Tiebreakers For Tournament Seeding

With one game to go the Bearcats control their own destiny in regards to the regular season championship; beat Rutgers and get at least a share of the crown. However a win will not get the Bearcats on the number 1 line for the AAC tournament.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

The tie breakers are here, and this is how the AAC stands after last nights game.

If UConn beats Louisville Saturday its very simple, the Bearcats are the outright champs of the conference and number 1 seed, Louisville is the number 2.

If the Bearcats and Cardinals both win then the tiebreakers will come down to the SMU-Memphis game. If SMU were to win that contest in FedEx Forum then the Cardinals would be the number 1 seed (A 4-0 record vs UConn/SMU for Louisville vs. a 2-2 record for UC).

If UC, Louisville and Memphis all win it comes down to a coin flip. That Tigers win would creat a three way tie for third place between UConn, SMU and Memphis with all three sporting 12-6 records. Against that trio both UC and UofL have 4-2 records and a coin flip would decide who gets the top seed.

Luckily for all of us there will be very little waiting around for results tomorrow. UC and Rutgers tip off at noon on ESPNews, as do Memphis and SMU on ESPN2. Louisville and UConn tip off at 2 on CBS.