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Mick Cronin Hits The Company Line In Statement On Shootout

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

From the Enquirer

"As far as where we play any game, it is my opinion that we should do what is best for our program and our fans," Cronin said. "Season ticket holders and students are our biggest supporters and playing on campus is clearly in the best interest of both parties. Therefore, I believe we owe them to try to play on campus.

"I do have many concerns about fan behavior and basic decorum in this rivalry. I have and will continue to voice them to our administrators. I believe we have to be honest about the severity of some stuff that has gone on and eventually permeates to the teams. To me, this is more important than where the game is played. That said, I am in support of the move to campus and thank my administration for the time they have dedicated to getting this game back on track."

That is some carefully crafted sentiment there.