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Dennis Dodd Has Bearcats In His Top 25

I don't generally care for Dodd, but I will make an exception.


21. Cincinnati: Gunner Kiel had to land somewhere. The former can't-miss (ahem) quarterback will be surrounded by 16 starters returning from a 9-4 team. We'll know about the Bearcats Cinderella status after a Sept. 27 trip to Ohio State.

Any love is good love, even from such a generally reprehensible source. The condescension aside I think he is right that the Bearcats are in a better position than even I initially thought in regards to integrating Gunner into the team. This Bearcats team being constructed the way it is actually pretty perfect to bring Kiel along.

He won't have to be the guy carrying the load all by himself. He has one of the best and deepest groups of receivers in the country, his line has the most decorated lineman in program history in Eric Lefeld and four guys who played significant reps a year ago and a running back group that returns literally everyone. Just doing a good Brendon Kay impression would give UC a really dangerous offense, and Kiel is capable of more than that.