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US Falls To Germany; Advances To Round Of 16

The US has done the unthinkable, progressed from the group of death with relative ease. That doesn't mean that there have not been shaky and nerve racking moments, there have been several of both, but this team that has so captivated the country is moving on to the last 16.

Michael Steele

This game was not a thing of beauty by either side. The Germans had the bulk of the possession as you would expect, but they struggled to create chances from the run of play. After a very threatening stretch of play from the start of the match to the 10 minute mark the Americans found their footing and were rock solid in defense and posed a slight threat going forward.

Given the conditions, the match was played in a downpour of rain that had been going strong since three AM last night it was hardly surprising that the only score of the day came off a set piece. Tim Howard handled the initial shot well enough, but the rebound went straight to Thomas Mueller. The punch was in essence the perfect pass and Mueller buried it as you would expect to give the Germans the game and the group.

But that is beside the point, the Americans are through to the final 16 in consecutive world cups for the first time in the history of American Soccer. Awaiting them in the knockout round, most likely Belgium.