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Sean Kilpatrick Signs with Philly

Sean Kilpatrick wasn't drafted last night. I thought he had about a 60% chance of being called and he wasn't. Well, step 1 of his climb to a final NBA roster has begun as he has signed with the Philadelphia 76ers.

SK high five
SK high five
Joe Robbins

The 76ers were very busy the last 24 hours. The time around the NBA Draft is confusing and very fast paced. As I understand it, the 76ers picked up Joel Embid (3rd pick overall), Dario Saric (12), K.J. McDaniels (32), Jerami Grant (39), Vasillie Micic (52), Nemanja Dangubic (54), and Jordan McRae (58), but here is where it gets interesting...

Joel Embid is hurt and likely out most of the season. Dario Saric is in a contract with a Turkish team and can't play in the NBA for years. So even though it looks like Philly drafted an entire team, only a few would even be available, let alone prove capable to play next season.

SK will play in the Las Vegas Summer league this Summer and he is motivated. Kilpatrick will have to work his butt off to make the roster, but something tells me he won't be taking it easy. After going undrafted last night SK tweeted, "TRUST ME, everyone and I mean EVERYONE will pay for this!"

I'm excited to see what SK does with this opportunity and hope to see Justin Jackson joining him in the Summer League.

Congrats SK!! But remember like I said earlier... this is just step #1.

-Daniele "Da" Bologna