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Sean Kilpatrick's NBA Focus

Days after the conclusion of the NBA Summer League, Sean Kilpatrick is stuck waiting for an invitation to an NBA Camp.

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Sean Kilpatrick wasn't drafted. The All-American now says it took him about three days to get over it. He now has the opportunity to become a story. The kind of player that in-game analysts love to talk about during games. A player who busts his tail and works his way up the system in fulfillment of what used to be referred to as the American Dream.

It is undeniable that SK took a big step back after going undrafted. We all knew it, and so did he (Even if his infamous Tweet was a hijacked one - We still love you SK). However, SK showed the world why UC fans have grown to love him over the years by staying focused and proving people wrong. He started by unleashing 20 points in his opening game (a team high), followed by outings of 15 and 19 in the subsequent games where he had a decent amount of court time. Don't be discouraged by games that that he didn't play much. Summer League is an opportunity to see guys play and winning isn't necessarily the objective. The goal is to be able to make an educated decision regarding which players to offer and which to pass on.

In his Summer League campaign SK averaged 11.5 points while playing an average of 20.3 minutes per game. He shot 44% from the field and 31% from behind the arc. Both respectable for an NBA talent, but SK needs to improve his shooting from the NBA three point line. We all know he got plenty of practice shooting from way back the past few years; however, when he would pull from the Fifth Third logo he didn't have an exact three-point line to calibrate his shot, now he does. So, I see his NBA three developing rather quickly.

So, what now? Kilpatrick's agent, Zach Curtin, is confident that SK will be invited to an NBA camp and eventually make a roster. reports that he and SK are high on staying with Philly, and it looks like the interest may be mutual. reports that Sixers' assistant and Kilpatrick's Summer League coach Chad Iske said of SK, "He's definitely intriguing. Based on his college career and the little bit you saw out here, he obviously knows how to score".

SK and his agent are open to other teams too. reports that SK's agent said that he received multiple phone calls from NBA teams over the weekend. He believes SK will get some offers from overseas, but it will take a lot to pursued Kilpatrick to leave the states. However, a strong offer from an international team would give SK's agent leverage in negotiations with the NBA teams, so keep that in mind as news develops.

Reading some of the Philly blogs and message boards it seems that the local fans are liked what they saw in Kilpatrick. I don't think that will have a strong impact on any administrative decisions, but I thought it was worth noting.

SK did exactly what he had to do. Good luck Sean and great work the past few weeks. Keep it up and you will get there.

Now we wait... and hope...

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