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Mick Cronin Previews Summer Practice

Thanks to the early season tournament in the Bahamas, Cronin and crew get extra time to bring together this year's squad.

Joe Murphy main man, Tommy G, grabbed a one-on-one interview with Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Mick Cronin:

A few highlights/thoughts on what to expect this summer from the men's basketball team:

  • Obviously has some different personnel (youth) to mold
  • Work on individual offensive development for everyone
  • Get unlimited time with players during this period; the lack of a full school schedule helps, too
  • Mick will be the only guy in the pool with a shirt on in the Bahamas
And my favorite quote:
This year, [we're a] much bigger team - height-wise. We're a different team. We're gonna look better in the airport.

I'll be paying close attention to the frontcourt in this summer's prep work. Stay tuned for updates all summer long.