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Bearcats Put One Practice In The Books

It will be the first of many as the Bearcats plan on putting 13 practices down in their two week stint at higher ground.

-- It is just the first day, so no hitting, no pads, a glorified walkthrough. But after spending so many days in the wilderness it is simply nice to have Bearcats football back in our lives.

-- The Bearcats likely starting safety combo of Zach Edwards a.k.a Swaggy Z (his actual twitter handle) and Mike Tyson. Tyson looks noticeably bigger than he did last year, his listed weight hasn't changed but he looks much bigger.

-- Hailing competition is fine, but we should all acknowledge that it will take an injury or a massive collapse for anyone but Gunner Kiel to start against Toledo.

-- According to Groeschen the Bearcats were at it for three hours today, thats a bit on the long side, but it is the first one

-- I concur

-- Andrew Gantz and Tony Miliano combined to go 12 of 12 on field goals, that's a welcome development because the Bearcats need to get considerably better in the third phase of the game this year after being beyond dreadful last season.