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Bearcats Conclude Day Two Of Practice

Three days from full contact.

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Streeter Lecka

-- Alot has happened since Alex Chisum was last healthy. For a start the depth chart is a whole lot deeper than it was then, for a finish Chis is much bigger than he was in either of his first three seasons.

-- Silverberry Mouhon looks waaaaay bigger than he has in the past. Comparing previous rosters it would appear that Silverberry has only gained 6 pounds, but that increase in weight doesn't really do a whole lot of justice to how different he looks this year.

-- Fun fact: Kevin Mouhon is the reason that Silverberry plays football. Be prepared to hear that little nugget mentioned in every single broadcast the Bearcats are on this year.

-- Speaking of Mouhon the Younger, he will not be playing his natural inside linebacker position this year. He will be playing on the outside, presumably WILL with Nick Temple so entrenched at the SAM. That puts Mouhon in competition with Eric Wilson, the presumed weakside starter coming out of spring practice. Mouhon the Younger is probably the only freshman that is a lock to play a rotational role this year on defense.

-- Feel bad for Rob Rice who has been with the program for a few years now. Always hate to see guys get lost for the season

-- Jake Golic has gone through a lot since leaving the program last August, but he is back to give his senior season another so