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President Ono Gets In On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge is sweeping the Bearcat world right now, just as it is on the rest of the internet.


Now he is the latest in line of Bearcats to take on the challenge. Bearcats baseball head coach Ty Neal was challenged by Ian Haap of Bearcats Baseball. He met it and then challenged Mike Bohn. Mike Bohn met it and challenged the entire football senior class, which seems to bend the rules of challenging three people at a time, but whatever. The Patriots just challenged the rest of the AFC East to do it so I guess we are beyond the scope of that now. Time will tell if the Nick Templ, Eric Lefeld, Jeff Luc and company will me.

Santa Ono got in on the act today after being challenged by the women's soccer team. Santa Ono is always down for a cause, whatever the cause may be. Previously it had been for the DragonFly Foundation, in which case he shaved his head. This time it was being drenched by freezing cold water which seems more temporary than not having hair. Ono took on the challenge with his usual aplomb while challenging every university president within a 200 mile radius.

Down the Drive was a nice touch of which I heartily approve, for obvious reasons.