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Schott Stadium Turf Installation Completed

UC's baseball program gets its own facility upgrade.

Along with the ongoing renovations to Nippert Stadium, the home of Bearcats baseball is getting some upgrades, including the replacement of Schott Stadium's original turf. In it's place, Cincinnati-based turf company The Motz Group installed their TriplePlay HP synthetic surface over the entire field, including home plate and the pitchers mound.

The new turf is supposed to be engineered for baseball by offering a realistic bounce as compared to dirt and grass surfaces. As well, with the new drainage system and elimination of the dirt infield, it will allow better management of practice and games during inclement weather.

From the last baseball update on UC's Youtube channel in July, Head Coach Ty Neal discussed how the new turf will benefit the program.

In his first year as head coach, Neal led a young Bearcats team to an overall 22-31 record last season.