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Week 9 AP Top 25/Coaches Poll: Memphis, Houston and Temple Remain Undefeated

People are beginning to whisper about the AAC teams possibly complicating things come late season College Football Playoff rankings.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Here's your Week 9 AP Top 25 and the Amway Coaches Poll. Ohio State remains on top with Baylor at No. 2, although they have their own problems with their starting quarterback out for the remainder of the season. TCU, Clemson, LSU, Michigan, Alabama, Stanford and Notre Dame round out the top 9 in both polls.

In the AP Top 25, the big movers were Utah, dropping 10 spots after a loss to USC, and Florida State dropped 8 spots following their own loss. Both teams, obviously, also fell in the Coaches Poll, dropping to 14 and 15, respectively.

Our AAC twist is still centered around the undefeated teams from the conference. Memphis is No. 16 in both polls while Houston is ranked 18th in the AP Top 25 and No. 19 in the Coaches Poll. Temple is No. 21 in the AP Poll and No. 22 in the Coaches. Temple has a huge game with Notre Dame this coming weekend and most aren't giving the Owls much of a chance at this point. All three of these teams have the potential to really mess with the College Football playoff rankings as long as they keep winning (duh). BYU has 18 votes in the AP Poll and 11 in the Coaches Poll. Navy isn't on Cincinnati's schedule, but still represents the AAC well with 15 votes in the Coaches Poll.

Coaches AP
1 Ohio State (49) Ohio State (39)
2 Baylor (10) Baylor (7)
3 TCU (2) Clemson (6)
4 LSU (1) LSU (5)
5 Michigan State TCU (3)
6 Clemson (1) Michigan State
7 Alabama Alabama (1)
8 Stanford Stanford
9 Notre Dame Notre Dame
10 Oklahoma State Iowa
11 Iowa Florida
12 Florida Oklahoma State
13 Oklahoma Utah
14 Utah Oklahoma
15 Florida State Michigan
16 Memphis Memphis
17 Michigan Florida State
18 Duke Houston
19 Houston Ole Miss
20 Toledo Toledo
21 Ole Miss Temple
22 Temple Duke
23 Georgia Pitt
24 Pitt UCLA
25 UCLA Mississippi State

Others receiving votes (AP Top 25): Texas A&M 73, North Carolina 46, Southern Cal 33, BYU 18, Georgia 17, Wisconsin 15, Northwestern 10, Appalachian St. 6, California 5, Washington St. 2

Other receiving votes (Coaches): Texas A&M 89; Mississippi State 70; North Carolina 55; Wisconsin 36; California 17; Navy 15; Northwestern 14; Southern California 14; Oregon 11; Brigham Young 11; Washington State 11; Boise State 1; Marshall 1.