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Gamethread: Bearcats @ Mustangs

Just before their first meeting this season, SMU was on an 8 game win streak - and the Cincinnati Bearcats ended that. Tonight? The Mustangs host the Bearcats looking to defend their current 8 game win streak in the always raucous confines of Moody Coliseum

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

You've read today's Layup Line, and, judging by the poll at the bottom of the page, a lot of you are feeling as pessimistic about this game as I am.

Southern Methodist is a tough team - a nationally ranked tough team - and they're hard to beat in Dallas. And while I didn't predict a win, I did lay out a few reasons why the mojo just might be in UC's favor.

What would be nice is if the Bearcats come out as tenacious as they were against UConn just last week. That kind of effort on defense is what it'll take to pull off the upset on the road. The Bearcats could use big games from Troy Caupain, Octavius Ellis, and Gary Clark. And, if for some reason Farad Cobb feels like heating up tonight, that'd be a bonus.

Check out ESPN tonight at 9:00pm EST, and add a few comments below as the Bearcats and Mustangs battle it out.