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Gunner Kiel is Considered One of the Strongest Arms in College Football has our very own quarterback Gunner Kiel as one of the strongest arms in College Football.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

If you are reading this, you are most likely aware that quarterback Gunner Kiel is quite the talent. A former top-recruit, Kiel found his way to Cincinnati, where he spent last season establishing himself as one of the more exciting and noteworthy passers in the college game.

Now, NFL writers are taking notice heading into Kiel's second season for the Bearcats.

It isn't everyday that a Bearcats name is thrown around at, but Kiel deserves the current acclaim having thrown for 3,254 yards and 31 touchdowns a year ago, despite missing time due to injury. Now, this season Kiel is healthy and has a ridiculously experienced set of receivers to work with. The sky is the limit for Kiel and the Bearcats offense.

It's worth noting that Kiel and Memphis' Paxton Lynch (No. 15) are the only players on the list who don't play at a Power Five conference school. I'm not quite sure why it is worth noting, but it feels important anyway.

For better or worse, this is likely the beginning of the "Kiel to the NFL Draft" hype train.