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From the Video Vault: From the Nick Van Exel Vault

Now who's hot, who not? Tell me who rock, who sell out in the stores?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I write this touching tribute on a Tuesday, clothed in the Nick Van Exel jersey I bought at JC Penney's with my 1996 birthday money.

From the Nick Van Exel vault today comes a video. A video that combines the legendary Bearcats' prowess on the court with one of TRL's hottest summer jams, the one song you've been calling into our Manhattan studios all week.

That music comes from Christopher Wallace and from UCLA football dad and Mount Saint Michael Academy grad Sean John Combs.

It is a song called "Mo Money, Mo Problems." It is a description of the trouble that comes with success and affluence. Those problems, I learned from the song, are numerous.

If you have not heard this recent summer jam, you are in for a treat. It is a very moving description of friendship, love, and loss over a funky beat.