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Cincinnati Recruiting: Q&A with '16 RB and UC commit Jeremy Larkin

Three-star prospect Jeremy Larkin speaks with Down The Drive about his recruitment.

Jeremy Larkin
Jeremy Larkin
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When it comes to the 2016 recruiting class for the Bearcats, the first name mentioned is likely to be Jeremy Larkin. The 5'10, 180-pounder from the local La Salle (OH) program is a super speedy, talented prospect and is the highest graded player that UC has received a commitment from in the class thus far.

Two months after making his pledge to the Bearcats, Larkin took some time to speak with us about the recruiting process, what led to his eventual pledge to Cincinnati, and more.

Down The Drive: When did the Bearcats initially jump into your recruitment?

Jeremy Larkin: They had been interested late in the football year but after the season was when the recruitment really picked up.

DTD: What stood out to you about Cincinnati that eventually led you to make a commitment to the Bearcats?

Larkin: It felt like what I think is the best fit for me, not just football wise, but student wise as well. I really like the coaching staff and what they have been doing the past few years and the success that they have had. I feel that I fit right in with the offense because of the similarity of the offense at my high school. I like what they could do for me in the classroom, as well the support system they have for athletes at the school. I also like the facilities and the fact that it's in my hometown is another great bonus so I can have the support from my whole entire family.

DTD: When was the last time you had the chance to see Cincinnati campus? When do you plan on making it back?

Larkin: When I visited in June was the last time, I think. Most likely, when the season gets started, I'll head up there and catch a couple of games.

DTD: What other schools were in the mix for you and are there programs that you still hear from, despite being committed to Cincinnati?

Larkin: Northwestern and Louisville, even though they didn't offer, were schools that I really liked. But I haven't heard from any other schools since being a UC commit.

DTD: Describe your relationship with Coach (Eddie) Gran, who played an important role in your recruitment.

Larkin: Oh, we have great relationship. We talk on a weekly basis and are continually growing our relationship.

DTD: Have you been able to build relationships with the other Bearcat commits? If so, who would you say you are the closest with?

Larkin: Yeah, we are actually in a group chat with all of the commits and we are getting pretty close, talking almost every day. I'm probably the closest with Gerrid Doaks, Jake Sopko, Sean Bailey, Ty Sponseller, and Zach Bycznski. Our newest one to the group is K'Von Wallace* and he seems to be fitting in pretty well.

*Note: This interview took place prior to the commitment of three-star defensive end Michael Pitts on Monday.

DTD: Have you talked to any other prospects about possibly joining you at UC?

Larkin: Yeah, I have talked to a couple about trying to get them to come play at UC.

DTD: What are you strengths on the football field? What are some things you hope to improve on before arriving in Clifton?

Larkin: I think some of my strengths right now would be my speed, vision, and balance. Some things I would like to improve is my knowledge, understanding the game more, and seeing things before it happens. Another is my route running because I don't just want to be a one-dimensional type of back. Lastly, just to improve my speed for the next level because guys are bigger and faster than in high school.

DTD: If you had to compare yourself to one NFL running back, who would it be and why?

Larkin: I could maybe see myself as Jamaal Charles because of how versatile he is as player. I really like the way he can go out and catch passes and run inside and outside the tackles like I've been able to do in past years.