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From the Video Vault (Basketball): Tulane

Chad Kroeger does not work for McDonalds and Tulane will be defeated by our basketballers.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

I go to World Market a lot but not because I have the money to. In general, I go for the great employee restrooms.

I think I tried the Green Wave when they had it at Sonic. I think we’re gonna beat Temple.

Here’s a pro tip: If you share your Netflix password with your friend, then he doesn’t have to pay for it. He’s gonna owe you a Green Wave at sonic. #BeatTemple

We beat Tulane or is it Temple before. And we will beat them again. Here is some proof, ok? take a chill pill. He is my friend too. You just don't understand him. You don't understand our music or what we really want. Which is something real. Not your Burger King's and your Wendy's. We want McDonalds and we want to be able to hang out there as long as we need to and we can grow our hair as long as we need to. Because it is hard for kids these days. Hard to make it. These streets. They know a million stories. I am a deep soul and I can tell you about all of these stories. These stories that the streets have told me. Which are all very meaningful. I just want something generic to do, OK? Maybe play some Katamari Damacy and then get my own netflix account where I get to rate the movies the way that I feel about them. Brad gave Prince of Tides three stars? That is not fair to me. I give it four stars. Not five. and I dont want that messing with my profile. Maybe it will recommend some awesome film I will never ever see if its not my ratings. You just don't know, do you?