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From the Video Vault: Must of Got Lost

A weird day in Cincinnatidom

MasterCard Stands Up To Cancer With The Priceless Table At The Field Museum Stanley Field Hall Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for MasterCard

It was a weird day in Cincinnatidom. Full of anticipation and Big 12 themed wallpaper.

It was a disorienting day in Cincinnatidom. Nothing that some slices from Krimmer’s can’t cure. But disorienting nonetheless.

All day, I had my favorite grammatically incorrect song, J. Geils Band’s “Must of Got Lost” in my head. It is a quintessential earworm adorned with memorable drumming, an avalanche of vamping, a great hook, and a handclapped outro.

What song better exemplifies 2016 in Bearcat Country? The football season feels lost. This whole Big 12 push seems like a wild goose chase.

Time to ditch the AAC, I say. Let’s join the the MAC and whip the directional Michigans.

Before we get into all that, let’s listen to some J. Geils.