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Cincinnati Basketball: Mick Cronin Postgame Press Conference (Tulsa)

Mick Cronin talks to the media following the 70-68 OT loss to Tulsa.

Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

It took an extra session, but Cincinnati was finally defeated by Tulsa, 70-68, in last night's overtime thriller. The loss drops the Bearcats' overall record to 19-8 on the season with a 9-5 record in the AAC. The loss also sets the Bearcats back in their push for a NCAA Tournament berth with only four games remaining before the AAC Conference Tournament.

With the pressure intensifying even more, head coach Mick Cronin shared his thoughts following the game. Defense was a major problem, particularly in the second half. A frustrated Cronin offers some of his other thoughts from the game.

Cronin is still looking forward, taking it "game by game" with a huge game against UConn looming on Saturday.

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