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From the Video Vault: ECU Basketball (The Rematch)

ECU may lose to Cincinnati in basketball every year, but they sure have some fine on-campus dining options.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, we always beat East Carolina in basketball. We usually beat them in football too.

But they've got a couple of things on us.

The father of Sports Entertainment, Mr, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, is a graduate of the Greenville, NC university.

Nearly as importantly, ECU has some fine on-campus dining options, as you will learn in the latest edition of the video vault.

The Pirate meal plan receives high marks from ECU students. You can just swipe your card and food will appear. That is if you go to any of their seven, conveniently located on-campus eateries. All seven eateries accept Pirate Bucks as well as many off-campus restaurants, such as CiCi's Pizza Kitchen, Papa John's, TCBY, and Burger King.

What kind of food do they have?

What kind of food do you want?

Everything on God's green earth is available through ECU campus dining.

Hot, Fast, and Ready Food? Yep. Locally sourced meat and veggies? Yep. Vegetarian options? Usually.Wood Fired 'Za? That's available in three different dining halls!

Stephanie really likes the "premium nights and the special events that they have" in the ECU dining halls. "Because," she explains, "you can eat really, really good and expensive food that you wouldn't normally get at a college cafeteria." She particularly likes the crab legs, steak, and beef they offer on these evenings.

The only question I have is "when do the fine students at East Carolina University have time to do anything other than explore this majestic campus' numerous, affordable dining options?"