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Down the Drive NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge!

Because you know you want the bragging rights.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

We're bringing back the Down the Drive NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge for this year, which should be one of the craziest tournaments of recent memory given the nationwide parity.

So, go here, join the public league (standard scoring) hosted by Yahoo! (requires a free Yahoo! account), and enter your bracket before everything gets officially started on Thursday.

We are competing for bragging rights here at Down the Drive, which I expect you to flaunt over everyone when "bracket day" comes around next year. So, get signed up and get your bracket filled out. Feel free to offer your advice in the comments below (I'm telling you, Hampton all the way) and just wait for my plummet to the bottom of the pool as final scores come in.

Oh, and nobody tell Clayton Trutor we're doing this.

Just a friendly reminder: Cincinnati plays Saint Joseph's on Friday at 9:57 PM ET to conclude the First Round.