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Top 20 Performances for 2015 Cincinnati Football: No. 6 Hosey Williams & No. 5 Tion Green

Cincinnati's running backs were solid this past season, moving Hosey Williams and Tion Green on our list at No. 5 and 6.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The running backs for the Bearcats put together an impressive performance in 2015. Hosey Williams finished with 725 yards and four touchdowns, while Tion Green finished with 697 yards and eight scores. Together, they contributed to a running game that helped the offense achieve success as they helped move the ball down the field with efficiency, and opened up the passing game.

Williams had a strong start to the season against Alabama A&M, rushing for 96 yards and a touchdown that would come in the second quarter, giving them a 14-7 lead. His score started a run where the Bearcats would score 28 points in a single quarter. He had the best game of his college career in a win against Connecticut, where he rushed for 140 yards and a touchdown; a score that came at the end of the game to give the Bearcats a 37-13 lead.

Williams showed promise in 2013, rushing for nearly 700 yards and scoring four times, but he suffered a season-ending injury in 2014 that cost him most of the year. However, he enjoyed a bounce-back year in 2015, and showed that he can be a dependable part of this offense.

Green's history has been very similar, as he also suffered a season-ending injury in 2014 after showing flashes in 2013, where he scored seven times. Like Williams, he bounced back in 2015, getting off to a fast start as he rushed for 127 yards and a touchdown against Alabama A&M in the season opener. Although that was his best game of the season statistically, he contributed throughout the season, scoring a touchdown in each of the first three games of the season. Late in the year, in a loss against South Florida, Green rushed for two touchdowns.

Together, Hosey Williams and Tion Green put together a strong running game for the 2015 Bearcats' campaign after disappointing 2014 campaigns that were cut short by injury, which is why they occupy the sixth and fifth spots on this list of the top 20 performances of 2015.