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NFL Draft: Wide Receiver Chris Moore Drafted by Baltimore Ravens

Chris Moore has been taken with the 107th pick in the fourth round of the NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Wide receiver Chris Moore has been drafted in the fourth round with the 107th pick of the NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens.

Moore offers Baltimore a big-play receiving option with speed and size, at 6-foot-1, 206 pounds. Moore secured 119 receptions for 2,301 yards and 26 touchdowns over his Cincinnati career in the Bearcats "spread it around" passing attack.

Moore had 40 receptions for 870 yards and seven touchdowns this past season, but his selection by the Ravens is more about his big-play ability. After all, Moore did average 21.7 yards per reception over his career, including a ridiculous three reception, 221-yard, three touchdown game against Ohio State and first round pick Eli Apple in 2014.

The Ravens are a perfect fit for Moore. Joe Flacco has a huge arm and needs a reliable deep threat. Baltimore drafted Breshard Perriman in last year's draft to offer that downfield threat, but Perriman couldn't get on the field. Now, Moore comes in, offering competition as a vertical threat with some upside given his size and athleticism.

Moore isn't a fleshed-out receiver and has a limited route tree at this point in his career, but he makes plays and threatens defenses. He should be able to get onto the field and he can continue to work on route running and the other intricacies of the receiver position. Regardless, pairing Moore with an arm like Flacco's is an ideal situation for the former Bearcat.