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UC Drops Dopest Trailer This Side of Rogue One

With a contract reportedly in place for renovations to Fifth Third Arena, Cincinnati's marketing team is already getting the folks in Cincy's (and perhaps the Big 12's) attention.

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, reports surfaced saying that construction firms Skanksa and Megen Construction Company signed a $69 million contract with Cincinnati to renovate Fifth Third Arena. The upgrades to the 53 include increased seating capacity, additional concession offerings, more suites, an upper-level concourse and a 360-degree seating bowl, which sounds like a fancy term for toilet, but let's just ignore that.

As with anything the UC athletic department does in the next few months and years,  there is a Big 12 bent that can be taken. Renovating facilities is a surefire way to get the conference's attention and show that UC is serious about creating a top-of-the-line university with matching athletic teams and arenas. Nippert Stadium just had its face lift finished and now its Fifth Third's turn.

But a corporate press release from a couple of construction corporations certainly isn't going to get the people going. You know what will? A video with epic voice over, music that bangs in your ear drums and a highlight reel of Cincinnati basketball. UC's marketing department figured that out quickly, as it dropped the best trailer of the year. (Suck it, Rogue One). If you haven't already viewed this masterpiece, you can take it in now.

Is that K-Mart? Yup. Jason Maxiell throwing down the hammer? You got it. Nick Van Exel leading the fast break? Of course. Justin Jackson and Yancy Gates sending shots into the 38th row? Definitely. Lots of celebratory chest-pounding and guttural screams? Count on it.  I find the best way to watch is to press play and then ignore everyone and everything else in your life for several hours as you constantly replay its visual grandeur. #OurHouse2018 indeed.