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Cincinnati and Miami Already Had an Epic Victory Bell Twitter Feud

The Cincinnati and Miami (OH) Football video staffs couldn’t wait for Saturday and already started duking it out over Twitter.

NCAA Football: Cincinnati at Miami (Ohio) Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to Cincinnati’s Saturday clash with Miami (OH) for the Victory Bell, the two sides have already been clashing on Twitter. The two teams’ respective video staffs had a lengthy Twitter battle, trading GIFs, fun facts, and insults about the other’s film quality along the way. We try to be objective here at Down the Drive, but to be honest, our scorecard of this fight has the Bearcats’ video staff winning out. So without further ado, let’s look at this one blow-by-blow.

Looks like Cincy’s video staff came ready, as they kicked off the fight with a tweet sent Miami’s way.

Miami comes back with a solid, hustle-oriented tweet.

And then Cincy goes Arrested Development on ‘em!

Not to be outdone, Miami comes back with a pretty epic response (and a mic drop no less!)


And then Miami comes back with a shot at the UC video staff’s film quality. A bit of a low blow, but we’ll allow it.

UC comes back with a shot from the moral high ground, giving a shameless plug to their filming partner.

And still another burn from Miami! This time the Redhawks video staff gets a little presumptuous about the result.

And then Cincy delivers what looks like a knockout blow, hitting Miami for claiming an intern as a coach.

Miami staggers up and decides to cite the “rings” argument, pointing out the success of its staff’s alumni...

... and goes for the double tweet to really drive it home!

Next up, Cincy ducks the actual issue (the # of video guys graduated to the NFL), but drops some alumni of its own, even breaking out their Super Bowl champ!

IT’S A TRAP! If it’s an alumni fight Cincy wanted, then it’s an alumni fight they’re gonna get! Miami goes beyond NFL alums, even name-dropping former President and noted Grover Cleveland sandwich Benjamin Harrison.

Oh yeah, Miami? Think you’re so high-and-mighty because you graduated a rotund President with facial hair? Cincy’s got an even more rotund Presidential connection, one with even better facial hair! As if the Presidential blow wasn’t enough, the video staff points out that Miami alum John Harbaugh went on to bigger & better things (i.e. coaching the Bearcats.)

Miami’s staff, despite probably being tired from this epic, fifteen-round tout, fires off yet another salvo, reminding Cincy that Harbaugh is not actually an alum they can claim. When it comes to Super Bowl-winning coach alumni, it’s still Miami 1, Cincinnati 0. But that’s none of their business.

Cincy sees your Kermit “none of your business” meme and raises it with a Forrest Gump “running” pun!

But Miami decides to run with that pun, bragging about (of all things) its graphics packages! Ok, when you’re bragging about alums & having a GIF war, that’s one thing, but graphics packages? Miami’s video staff must really be running low on ideas.

And at long last, we come to the final blow before the bell rings. And Cincinnati closes by bringing it all back to film.

Do fancy film graphics actually help Miami’s film squad? The world may never know, since they have yet to reply. As of now, we’ll have to award the first annual Victory Bell for pre-game Twitter feuds to Cincinnati. Bearcats fans must be hoping for a similar result on the gridiron Saturday.