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Bearcats Box Lunch: More NCAA Tournament Talk Plus Ian Happ

There’s more NCAA Tournament news but who cares? BEARCATS IN THE BIG LEAGUES IS ALMOST BACK.

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MLB: Spring Training-Chicago Cubs at Seattle Mariners Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Admittedly, Mick Cronin can get angry from time to time. This time he’s a little peeved about Cincinnati’s No. 6 seed. (Tom Groeschen; Cincinnati Enquirer)

Its still early in recruiting season, but who are some of UC’s top targets for the 2018 class? (Shane Kinnee: Bearcat Journal)

Here are eight signs your team is doomed in the NCAA Tournament. Read up, Kansas State. (Bill Connelly; SB Nation)

Before you fill out a bracket, make sure you do a little research. (Matt Norlander; CBS Sports)

There are eight types of coaches you will run into during the NCAA Tournament. I think Mick Cronin falls into the “Chronically Incredulous” camp. (Louis Blen; SB Nation)

We have a four-team College Football Playoff right now but what would a 68-team college football tournament look like? (Jason Kirk; SB Nation)

Our friends at Anonymous Eagle had some not-so-nice things to say about UC in its South Region preview. Wait. Did I say friends? (Brewtown Andy; Anonymous Eagle)

BREAKING BEARCATS IN THE BIG LEAGUES NEWS: Ian Happ is doing well for the Cubs in spring training. (Dave Clark; Cincinnati Enquirer)