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Join Down the Drive’s NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

Show us you know college basketball better than us. Right in our stupid faces.

NCAA Basketball: Houston at Cincinnati Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

How many brackets are you going to fill out this year? One? Two? 77? So many that the world’s supply of paper will be reduced to zero? Regardless of your answer, you’ll probably be doing at least one. Perhaps you’d like to do an extra one and win a contest while dominating other Cincinnati Bearcats fans and the staff of Down the Drive in the process? If so, you are in luck. This year at Down the Drive we are doing a group bracket challenge.

Now it may seem unfair to join considering we have the Miss Cleo of College Sports on our side, but you can still try. To enter just follow this link, sign up and fill out your bracket before the NCAA Tournament gets underway.

The winner of the challenge will feast on the spoils of:

  • Bragging rights across the great kingdom of the internet
  • A shoutout on DTD’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts

I know, I know. How can one person manage such lavish winnings? Well someone will just have to find out. So sharpen up those pencils, check out KenPom, pick out that No. 12 seed destined for greatness and let your genius shine for all to see.