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The All-Time Favorite Cincinnati Bearcat Basketball Player Tournament: Selection Show

Join us on this nostalgic journey.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Texas v Cincinnati Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

As you may have heard/read/seen, we have revamped the entire look across the SB Nation Cinematic Universe and, as part of that, we have been sharing stories about what makes us fans of our favorite teams.

Those teams, however, are made up of players and it is those players who put their blood, sweat and tears into the games we watch. As fanhoods are developed, there are certain players that stand out whether because of their star power, scoring ability, sixth man play or whatever else you can think of. So, as we celebrate our favorite team (the Cincinnati Bearcats for newcomers), we thought it would be a fun idea to celebrate our favorite players.

We’ll start with basketball and what better to honor basketball than a bracket! Below you will find the revealed bracket for the 2017 All-Time Favorite Bearcats Tournament.

However, this bracket is imperfect. I am just one fan who compiled a list, but I know you have your own opinions. So after taking a look at the bracket, if you feel like there is someone who has been missed, throw your suggestions in the comments and we will adjust accordingly. Suggestions can be provided until next Wednesday when we will officially begin the tournament, which will be decided by community voting. So get in there, tell us why Quadri Moore needs to be included and get ready to vote your guy all the way to the title. And remember, this is a tournament for your favorite player, not necessarily the best player, so don’t be shy.

The Ed Jucker Region

The Gale Catlett Region

The Bob Huggins Region

The Mick Cronin Region