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Clayton Picks All the Week Six Games Correctly: The Longcut Edition

After another stellar week of picks in week five, Clayton is back to prognosticate.

NCAA Football: Temple at East Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

So far, so good.

Last Week: 9-3

Season to Date: 51-24

Our Game

Tulane (2-3) at Cincinnati (5-0)

There’s a steel cage. Tulane is King Kong Bundy. Cincinnati is the power of Hulkamania.

Final Score: Cincinnati 72 Tulane 44

The Rest of the American Athletic Conference

East Carolina (2-2) at Temple (2-3)

The Pirates drive a red 1990 Chevy Cavalier. Temple drives a 1991 red Chevy Cavalier.

Final Score: Temple 42 East Carolina 33

Navy (2-2) at Air Force (1-3)

Navy listens to Destroyer. Air Force listens to Music from “The Elder”.

Final Score: Navy 33 Air Force 12

South Florida (4-0) at UMass (2-4)

The game is blackjack. South Florida has a 21. UMass has a 22.

Final Score: South Florida 38 UMass 17

SMU (2-3) at UCF (4-0)

SMU is bologna. UCF is capicola.

Final Score: UCF 42 SMU 35

UConn (1-4) at Memphis (3-2)

UConn is Mug Root Beer. Memphis is Ramblin’ Root Beer.

Final Score: Memphis 42 UConn 14

The Rest of the Country

Texas (4-1) vs. Oklahoma (5-0) (Cotton Bowl)

Texas is Lean Cuisine. Oklahoma is Stouffer’s.

Final Score: Oklahoma 43 Texas 37

Auburn (4-1) at Mississippi State (3-2)

Auburn is cherry pouches. Mississippi State is wintergreen long cut.

Final Score: Mississippi State 14 Auburn 10

Notre Dame (5-0) at Virginia Tech (3-1)

Virginia Tech can hit the ball onto the football field. Notre Dame can hit it into the graveyard.

Final Score: Notre Dame 31 Virginia Tech 30

This is a work of parody and not intended to be taken seriously.

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