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Clayton Picks All the Week 12 College Football Games Correctly: The UCF is Going to Get Its Comeuppance Edition

Clayton sees the future. Clayton sees an upset. Clayton sees a 10-win Bearcat team on Saturday night.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Cincinnati Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Another week. Another victory for the Cincinnati Bearcats. Let’s get that 10th win this week.

Last Week: 8-5

Season to Date: 95-51

Our Game

Cincinnati (9-1) at UCF (9-0)

Cincinnati has Christmas, first snow magic this year. UCF is a clunker on its last legs. The Bearcats will throw this bloated, overrated UCF team onto the scrap heap.

Final Score: Cincinnati 35 UCF 31

The Rest of the American Athletic Conference

Memphis (6-4) at SMU (5-5)

I finished my Christmas shopping on Halloween. Everybody’s getting candy this year.

Final Score: SMU 62 Memphis 50

UConn (1-9) at East Carolina (2-7)

I bought some Christmas ornaments the other day at Goodwill. Got a whole box of them for five bucks.

Final Score: ECU 44 UConn 33

USF (7-3) at Temple (6-4)

Thank you Dorothy, Thank you Rose, Thank you Sophia, Thank you Blanche. Thank you to all of the Golden Girls.

Final Score: Temple 42 USF 38

Tulsa (2-8) at Navy (2-8)

Navy is bound to win one more this season. If they lose to Tulsa, that means they will just have to beat Army.

Final Score: Navy 31 Tulsa 27

The Rest of the Country

The Citadel (4-5) at Alabama (10-0)

This one will be closer than the Bama-LSU game.

Final Score: Alabama 35 Citadel 7

Syracuse (8-2) at Notre Dame (10-0)

Syracuse quarterback Eric Dungey has been a joy to watch over the past four seasons. Just being a joy isn’t going to be enough to get by Jerry Tillery and company.

Final Score: Notre Dame 38 Syracuse 24

As always, this is a work of parody and not intended to be taken seriously.

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