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The Miss Cleo of College Football’s 2018 Preseason Prognostications: Part IV, The Mountain West and the Pac-12

I, the Miss Cleo of College Football, have looked up into the heavens and learned what is going to happen this season.

Poinsettia Bowl - BYU v Wyoming Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Give me ten minutes of your time.

I, the Miss Cleo of College Football, have looked up into the heavens and learned what is going to happen in the Mountain West and the Pac-12 this season.

Mountain West:

Championship Game: Wyoming 7 San Diego State 6

Mountain Division:

1. Wyoming: Best uniforms in the country. Andrew Wingard is America’s best safety and the rest of the Cowboys’ defense is none too shabby. This team has an experienced backfield and a solid offensive line. They are going to road grade their way to a Mountain West title and look superb while doing so.

2. Boise State: Basically everybody from their 2017 MWC championship team is back. But their uniforms are terrible.

3. Colorado State: Washington grad transfer quarterback K.J. Carta-Samuels is going to light it up in the Mountain West but this team plays a rather porous brand of defense. Exile in 7-6ville for the Rams.

4. Utah State: I am a location, location, location man. That’s why I always stay at the Hilton Garden Inn when I’m in Logan. It is located in the heart of everything, right on South Riverwoods Parkway. It recently had $280 in renovations. This place includes guest rooms, function space, public spaces, a lobby, a restaurant area, and a vending machine. It is easily accessible from I-70 and is just a 15 minute walk from the Logan Greyhound Station.

5. Air Force: One of the country’s most offensively anemic teams.

6. New Mexico: never been.

West Division

1. San Diego State: According to the Aztecs’ message board, this team has more good players than all of the other West Division teams combined and San Diego State belongs in the Pac-12 or something.

2. Fresno State: One time last night I almost bought a Fresno State football jersey on Ebay for $9.92 plus $3.79 shipping. I decided to buy a Fairfield Stags basketball jersey instead for $3.27 with free shipping.

3. UNLV: Good. In a moderately good way.

4. Nevada: I was very disappointed by Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur movie. I have never been disappointed by the Wolfpack’s blue and silver uniforms.

5. Hawaii: Only state I don’t have much interest in visiting. Seems like a big production getting out there.

6. San Jose State: The blue-and-yellow Spartans may have college football’s least tough looking uniform.


Championship Game: UCLA 38 Oregon 35


1. Oregon: The Ducks’ defense is going to be doing some hitting. Linebackers Troy Dye and La’Mar Winston as well as defensive end Jalen Jelks are all fearsome defenders. If he can stay healthy, quarterback Justin Herbert will be one of the top passers in the Pac-12. After a couple of down years, Oregon is back.

2. Washington: Is it just me or does it seem like Myles Gaskin has been playing college football since the Eisenhower Administration?

3. Washington State: The addition of graduate transfer Gardner Minshew from East Carolina will benefit a young Cougars team in need of veteran leadership. The addition of former Minnesota head coach Tracy Claeys as defensive coordinator will help shore up Wazzu’s youth on the other side of the ball.

4. Stanford: not much for their band.

5. Cal: I didn’t see this one coming either, but I looked in my Farmer’s Almanac and it said it right there on page one. “Good Year for the Roses. Bad Year for the Bears.”

6. Oregon State: Bad uniforms, bad team.


1. UCLA: I bet Chip Kelly whips something good up in Westwood. I haven’t bothered to read up on this team but this storyline would make a nice E60. I’m sticking with it.

2. Southern Cal: Lots of great defensive talent (Free safety Marvell Tell, inside linebacker Cameron Smith, defensive end Christian Rector). I am skeptical about this team’s ability to move the ball at an elite level. Virtually all of the guys throwing, carrying, or catching the ball on this team lack experience.

3. Utah: Manatees, Dolphins, Ospreys. You can’t see any of them in Utah.

4. Colorado: Ha ha charade you are.

5. Arizona State: “You know what the best thing to come out of Arizona is? I-10.” – Popular joke in both California and New Mexico.

6. Arizona: I wrote RichRod a Christmas Card last year and he never got back to me. I wrote Frank Solich one and he got back to me. That’s why Ohio is winning the MAC and Arizona is stuck in the outhouse of the Pac 12.

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