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Cincinnati Belongs in the College Football Playoff, Not Ohio State

East Carolina v Cincinnati Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

As things currently stand, Cincinnati deserves a spot in the college football playoff. Their resume of wins, opponents, and margin of victory merits the number three spot behind Alabama and Notre Dame.

I’d slot Clemson number four right now.

Way down the list should be Ohio State. A team that has played just 3 games is being ranked so highly simply based on their reputation. Not based on anything they have accomplished this year.

It is certainly no fault of the Buckeyes that they have only played 3 games this year but pretending that their resume in anyway stacks up with Cincinnati’s is ridiculous.

Cincinnati has gone out and put their undefeated mark on the line 7 times and come away with the victory on each occasion.

This merits recognition. Far more recognition that the 3 wins that Ohio State has garnered thus far this season.