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Madden 99 Ruined Everything

Super Bowl XXXVII - EA Sports Ninth Annual Football Videogame Tournament Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Madden was great. It wasn’t Tecmo Super Bowl but it was still great. And then Madden 99 came around.

Madden 99 was the first one with franchise mode.

This was just too much. Madden’s franchise mode, which paved the way for similar additions to all of the major sports video game titles, ruined sports video games.

Franchise mode turned Madden into a part-time job. Drafting, scouting, negotiating contracts, setting the price of foam fingers at the stadium, training camp.

Franchise mode has marginalized the dude who just likes the playing the game and maybe wants to do a season with his favorite team. Now, you are either all in on Madden or an outsider to this universe. I always preferred the college games anyway, but Ed O’Bannon ruined that for everybody.