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When it Comes to Hockey Video Games, NHLPA 93 Beats NHL 94 by a mile

NHLPA Press Conference Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

NHL 94 gets all the attention. The entire hockey nostalgia video game market is built around NHL 94.

Don’t get me wrong. It is a great game. It is probably the reason I failed 9th grade Algebra.

But it doesn’t hold a candle to NHLPA 93, its radically superior predecessor.

NHLPA 93 is one that saved the universe.

The controls were satin smooth, the fighting was gruesome, and the guy’s names were in it too.

NHLPA 93 kept playoff statistics and, if you went with the Blackhawks, Jeremy Roenick was sure to get you about 80 goals.

It also had a much better theme song:

A quick look at the agony and the ecstasy of on-ice combat in NHLPA 93.