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Bearcats Fans: Show Your Support at Cotton Bowl Pregame Huddle Up Fest!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 06 Tulsa at Cincinnati Photo by James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Bearcats fans in Arlington for the game can show their support for Cincinnati well in advance of kickoff tomorrow.

Your Cincinnati Bearcats need as strong a show of support as possible. As of this moment, Cincinnati is a 13.5 point underdog to Alabama over at Draft

At 11:30 AM Central, Cincinnati fans are invited to the pregame Huddle Up Fest at AT&T Stadium’s East Plaza. The Bearcats band, mascots, and dance team will be there putting on a show along with Bearcats royalty such as Kevin Youkilis and Ian Happ. These two MLB greats will help get the crowd riled up all with all of the other performing festoonery. This event is a great place for Bearcats fans to set the tone for the day, showing everyone in attendance the significant support our team will have at AT&T Stadium that afternoon.

Be loud and let everyone know you are a Bearcat. Looking forward to a remarkable day tomorrow. Thank you all for your support for Down the Drive and your support for the Bearcats,.