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From the Video Vault: The Culture of Cincinnati

Another Entry from the “Best of the Video Vault” series.

WKRP in Cincinnati

I think a lot of things.

I think poor Esther.

I think Jim Plunkett should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I think Dan Ross is the greatest tight end to ever play for Northeastern University and for the Cincinnati Bengals.

I think Elvis Costello’s 2005 album The Delivery Man is an underappreciated entry in his catalog. I think it should rank alongside his mid 1980s work like Almost Blue and King of America.

I think Super Bowl XXIII is the best Super Bowl I’ve ever seen and that Super Bowl XLVIII is the worst.

I think that Bill Paxton’s best film role was as Chet, the menacing older brother in Weird Science.

I also think that these are my three best video vaults on the culture of Cincinnati.

1. Me riffing on our city’s namesake, Cincinnatus.

2. Les Nessman Deserves a Statue.

3. Honoring the legacy of Rookwood Pottery.