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From the Video Vault: Les Nessman Deserves a Statue

Respect Les Nessman's office door and build him a statue on the UC campus. Now.

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Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Minneapolis has a statue of Mary Tyler Moore.

Milwaukee's got one for the Fonz.

London has one of Paddington Bear.

I think it's time for Cincinnati to erect one to Les Nessman, the greatest character on the greatest television show of all time, WKRP in Cincinnati.

I think the University of Cincinnati should ante up and offer to build an on-campus statue of Les Nessman, surrounded by his office door.

I would place that statue right in front of McMicken Commons. I would require all incoming freshman to pay financial tribute to Les Nessman before they could matriculate.

All of the change and $50 dollar bills placed outside Les Nessman's door would be collected daily by two work studies and brought directly to the Harrisburg, PA home of actor Richard Sanders, the man who played Les Nessman so artfully for four seasons.