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Best of Conversations with Clayton: The Worst Seats I Ever Had

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

All year, I have been asking my “Conversations with Clayton” interviewees to tell me about the worst seats they ever had at a sporting event. Here are some of the most interesting responses we’ve had recently.

Larry Granillo, Father of the “Tater Tot Tracker”

My very first NHL game was down in Anaheim in 2001 or so, when the Ducks were really bad. About halfway through the 200 mile drive to the greater LA area, we realized we left the Ducks tickets back home. We ended up getting the cheapest seats possible just to get in the building. They were about at the ceiling behind the net, up the steepest set of stairs I’ve ever seen in a sporting venue. It felt like I would tumble down the full length of the deck if I so much as bent down to tie my shoelaces. We ended up sneaking down to some prime seats later in the game (which the Ducks only won 1-0 in overtime*).

Sam Razz, co-host of the Scott & Holman Pawdcast

I vowed to myself if I could find tickets under $30 for this past spring’s basketball game with Oklahoma and the University of Texas at Austin, I’d drive 30 minutes north and attend the game. It looked to be a decent match-up and the game featured two guys who were locks to be lottery picks (Mo Bamba and Trey Young). I found seats via a third party seller for under $30 at the very top row of the Erwin Center and watched a fairly compelling game from an insanely far distance from the court.

Hank Allen, co-host of the Sky Dawgs

Probably a game at Fenway with my buddies. Hard to say any seat is bad, but it was obstructed by one of the poles. It was lower level. The real issue was the heat. Of course the day we go to Boston it was three days of mid 90s out of two weeks of 70s. No air flow. Just sweating profusely.

Either that or Mississippi State/Ole Miss basketball I believe it was ‘01 or ‘02. By the time I got there the place was packed. I sat on the very top step in one of the aisles. All the way at the top of the building. But at least I was in. Actually had to have a friend walk by and open one of the doors to sneak in because they weren’t letting anybody else in the ticket door. Needless to say much looser security then.

Travis Hale, sportswriter and novelist

Not sure if it’s the worst seat ever but some buddies and I went to Talladega Alabama in July of 1995 to watch a NASCAR race. I’ve never been so hot in my life. To this day I still can’t drink Bud Light because I think I might’ve poisoned myself just trying to stay hydrated that day.

Frank Fowler, SEC Today on Sirius XM

The 2012 Crosstown Shootout at U.S. Bank Arena. I understand why the game had to be played there, but it’s such a bad facility to watch a game. The seats aren’t comfortable, the concessions are way behind the times and the jumbotron is tough to read if you’re sitting in the upper deck. Thankfully, both schools won’t have to worry about playing big games there again, but I also think in general it needs to be upgraded because it’s not the greatest place to see a concert either.

We’d love to hear about the worst seats you’ve ever had at a sporting event in the comments section. For more of the same, follow me on Twitter: @ClaytonTrutor

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