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Report: Wearing Speedos Still Makes Weight Lifting More Pleasurable

Tv Muscle Demo

Report: Speedos Make Weight Lifting More Pleasurable

I have never lifted weights. I have never worn a speedo. But a new report from the guy I was talking to at the bus stop this morning confirms that it is much easier to lift weights while wearing a speedo.

In other news:

  1. Generally speaking, wolves are better at understanding cause and effect than dogs. (UPI)
  2. Snow leopards are no longer endangered. (UPI)
  3. Mariah Carey was honored at the 2017 VH1 Hip Hop Honors show. (UPI)
  4. An oral history of the making of Guns-N-Roses Use Your Illusion albums. (Rolling Stone)
  5. A tribute to the late character actor Harry Dean Stanton (Variety)
  6. The greatest episode in the history of Bob Ross is probably the one entitled Final Embers of Sunlight. It is peak Ross both in terms of technique and quotability.

7. Ron Harper is a really nice guy. And so was Bob Ross.