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Bearcats Bop Houston, Win 2 of 3

Photo of Lightfoot Gordon Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

There was a time in this fair spring when the Bearcats couldn’t score runs.

But that all changed this weekend.

Cincinnati defended its home turf, bopping Houston 13-3 on Saturday and finishing off the series win with a 9-6 victory on Sunday.

The now 13-17 (3-3 AAC) Cincinnati Bearcats dropped the opener on Friday but fear not. The bats came alive on Saturday.

The good guys 10-run ruled the vaunted Houston Cougars on Saturday, thanks in large part to sophomore outfielder Cole Harting’s two hits and five RBIs. It was a seventh inning knockout for the Bearcats that changed the feeling of the entire weekend. Maybe, the entire season!

On Easter Egg Hunt Sunday, your Bearcats brought more of the same, as the Bearcats scored nine runs on just seven hits and did so without the benefit of any home runs.

Every Bearcat reached base and six of them scored.

Our Bearcats return to action tomorrow afternoon at 6 PM at Louisville. Check it out on the ACC Network.