BYU's Longsnapper Has The Worst Tattoo Ever


Anything involving BYU is tangentially of interest to UC fans for the next two years. The decision of their long snapper to get this tattoo qualifies as being of interest. Proof. (H/T r/CFB)

Nippert Is A Stunner; Part 2,258


I mean just look at that. Can't wait for September.

Is That Gunner Kiel Or...


...Attila the Hun? Tough to tell

Coreontae DeBerry Shattered A Backboard Today


And the game hasn't even started yet. (H/T GoBearcats)

Want To See Godzilla?


I lied, its just Nippert looking like Godzilla at rest

Suite View Of New Nippert Is Impressive


I will never be up there for a game, but it looks dope. (H/T Tommy G)