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Joey Jones Commits To The Cincinnati Bearcats

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This is turning into something of a banner day for the Bearcats recruiting efforts. Moments ago I posted about Ti'on Green's commitment to the Bearcats. Not long thereafter I heard that the Bearcats had picked up not one, not two, but three other commitments today. That brings the haul for the day to four, which has to be a record for non signing day commitments for the UC. I am going to get a post up on all three players starting now with Joey Jones an outside linebacker from Homestead, Florida. Jones is a little on the small side, listed at 6'0" 190, but he plays much bigger than that. He looks exactly like Maalik Bomar did coming out of Winton Woods. He plays outside linebacker for South Dade. But the position in their defense is kind of a hybrid DE at times and a more traditional alignment at others. All in all a solid get at a major position of need.