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Missouri Announces That They Will Explore Their Options

This is what Missouri fans look like right now (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
This is what Missouri fans look like right now (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Statements to the press in this era of 24/7 media saturation are kind of pointless. If you, like me, spent any amount of time tonight to following twitter in search for news about the Missouri Curators meeting tonight you were treated to one of the great anti climaxes of recent sports journalism history. Four hours of build up for Mizzou to basically say "uh, we are going to do what's in our best interests." So Missouri is going to "explore it's options" the phrasing alone implies that Missouri has options (read SEC). To put this all in context there is this, which of course leads to this.

I said Sunday that the next move in the long drawn out saga is for Missouri to make up their mind to stay with the Big 12 or move on to richer, more geologically stable pastures of the SEC. And as the smoke clears Missouri is still the university to watch. Tonight's circus wasn't a guarantee of movement to one or the other. But...all signs point to Missouri heading to the SEC

What does this all mean for UC. It's hard to tell, because it depends an awful lot on how the Big 12 retaliates to getting two schools poached in a month. My guess would be that the odds of the Big 12 adding two schools to get back to 10 went down and the odds of going 12 went up. Obviously it is better for the Big 12 to open up more spots because UC despite manifest attractions has never been mentioned at the top of the list. One thing I do know is that this story is going to run for a few more weeks because Missouri "doesn't have a time table." Should be a fun month no?